Aaron W. Smith Supports Hope Chest For Kids in Their Efforts to Improve the Lives of Abused and Abandoned Children

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Aaron W. Smith hopes to make a permanent difference in the lives of neglected, abandoned or abused children through a $250 donation to Hope Chest For Kids, Inc.

Aaron Smith presented a $250 check to Hope Chest For Kids, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Clark, Missouri. Hope Chest For Kids’ goal is to make a permanent impact on the lives of children who are removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect by helping them to build a successful life with guidance, assistance and structure.

Hope Chest For Kids‘ mission is to provide children, youth and caregivers with basic needs such as food, clothing and assistance with transitional housing to foster children who have aged out of the foster system, at-risk children and single moms. In addition to helping the children and caregivers that are in need now, Hope Chest For Kids‘ goal is to develop alliances with and provide resources for children’s organizations to increase awareness and education of child abuse and neglect.

Aaron Smith, President of The A.W. Smith Law Firm, a Columbia, Missouri personal injury law firm, is making a dedicated effort to fulfill his social responsibility by addressing the needs of the community and those in surrounding areas. Aaron Smith grants charitable contributions to organizations in the Mid-Missouri area that have dedicated themselves to promoting the welfare of their communities and the people in them. All of this is made possible through the hard work and generosity of Aaron W. Smith (also known as “A.W.”).

A.W. Smith feels strongly about the mission being pursued by Hope Chest For Kids. Foster families can help to improve the lives of abused and neglected children but it takes an entire community to get involved to help them overcome the struggles they will not only face now, but for a lifetime. A.W. Smith is proud to contribute to an organization like Hope Chest For Kids who are making significant steps toward ending child abuse and neglect.

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About Hope Chest For Kids, Inc.:

Hope Chest For Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides needed goods and services to children who are removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect. These children are now in safe loving foster homes but that is just the start. Given the abuse and neglect these children have suffered they often have significant physical and emotional challenges. These children and their foster parents need your help. For more information on becoming a foster parent or to donate to Hope Chest For Kids, Inc., visit their website: www.hopechestforkids.com

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