Afghanistan War Veteran is Killed in Wrongful Death

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In Dade County, Chad Clayton, war veteran, died and six months after the severe beating that killed him, Anthony Cheek is finally charged with second-degree murder.

On July 15, 2011 with no reported time from authorities, Anthony Cheek, age 28 and from Lockwood, Missouri is charged with the murder of 30 year-old Chad Clayton that returned to his home to visit friends and family.

The assault happened on Spruce Street in Lockwood where authorities state that Clayton was found in his home on a chair, beaten, bloody, and unconscious. Cheek told the court that he went to Clayton’s house for a marijuana deal. Cheek initially states on court records that Chad Clayton had head butted him in the face and that he acted out in self-defense. Highway Patrol investigators report that Cheek’s story didn’t add up to the murder of Chad Clayton, but likely the fight began over the marijuana deal.

After the fight, Clayton was rushed to the Springfield hospital for critical head trauma and remained on life support throughout the weekend. Clayton died on July 17, 2011 from serious injuries due to the intense beatings.

From earlier statements, the Dade County coroner says that he has determined a cause of death but cannot release the information until the investigation is complete. The Missouri State Highway Patrol suspended the investigation in November reporting that all leads had been exhausted and they decline to state charges against Cheek’s arrest to the public. Cheek is being held without bond in the Dade County jail while deputies are still interviewing possible witnesses and comparing statements to evidence found at the scene. Dade County Sherriff, Steven Stapp, who was leading the investigation, earlier stated that in this case it was too early to call it a homicide investigation. Now at this point, Sergeant Nash from the Missouri State Highway Patrol is completely in charge of the investigation. Sergeant Nash states that although the investigation isn’t closed, investigators have no more leads to follow up on and that there is not enough evidence to prosecute Anthony Cheek.

Chad Clayton was in the National Guard and served in the 203rd Engineering Battalion. Later he was deployed to Afghanistan in the fall of August 2009 and returned in October of 2010 after serving 11 months as a supple specialist for Bagram Air Force Base and the Forward Operating Base in Sharana. After returning in October, Clayton was attending Missouri State University in Springfield where he was studying Criminology in hopes of entering law enforcement.

The wrongful death of Chad Clayton still undergoes investigation and with hopes from family and friends to bring his murder to justice.


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