Boone County Crash Results From Cell Phone Use

Another victim falls prey to a car crash after using a cell phone while driving. According to the Boone County News Report, the crash occurred on a curvy and dangerous stretch of Route N. south of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. Brenton Biggerstaff was taken to University Hospital for injuries related to the crash.

According to Biggerstaff, he was talking on the phone while driving and then dropped it. During an effort to pick the phone up from the floor, Biggerstaff’s 2001 Nissan became airborne over a private driveway before hitting an embankment of dirt. Biggerstaff’s injuries were described as moderate by the Missouri State Highway Patrol that worked the crash.

Using a cell phone while driving can be extremely dangerous. Although teenage drivers are the primary individuals that use cell phones while driving, it is not uncommon among other age groups. Several state legislatures have passed laws which ban cell phone use or texting while driving. While there are proposals before the Missouri legislature, no law has been passed.

Source: Cell phone causes one-car accident, Boone County Journal, October 21, 2009
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