Blodgett Resident Strikes Pedestrian in Roadway Pick-up

091311 roadwaypickup.jpg

In Scott County, only one pedestrian of the clean-up crew on Missouri Route H was injuried and a teenager of Blodgett County suffers serious injuries from the crash.

On September 12, 2011 at approximately 7:20 a.m., 19 year old Josh Kolwyck, resident of Blodgett County was operating a 2001 Chevrolet and traveling in the southbound direction on Missouri Route H, 3 miles north of Miner County.

At that same time and place, an unknown driver who was operating a 1997 International Truck was stopped and parked in the southbound direction. The unknown driver was picking up local roadway disposal. At that time, Josh smashed into the unknown driver’s car at the back-end of his truck. During that time, Josh then travelled off to the north side of the roadway and struck pedestrian, Randy Shaver, 42 year old from Sikeston, Missouri. Shaver was engaged with the unknown driver in the local refuge pickup. There are no other injuries reported from this accident.

At the at-fault driver, Josh Kolwyck, sustained serious injuries and was taken by ambulance to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment. Josh was wearing a safety device. As for Randy Shaver, he only received minor injuries from the crash and was taken by a private vehicle to Missouri Delta Medical Center.

The 2001 Chevrolet received total damages and was towed in a local transfer. The unknown driver of the 1997 International Truck resulted with extensive damages from this crash and was driven from the scene. All information of the International Truck and its owner is unknown except for the owner is male.

This auto-crash was and still is under investigation of Sergeant D. M. Markham #359 in Troop E and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, drivers under 21 were involved in 9,691 personal injury accidents in 2009. A total of 14,904 people were injured in those crashes.


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