Four Car Crash in Boone County Leaves Six Injured

Boone County collision involving a tractor trailer and three other vehicles occurred on Northbound Highway 63 near Columbia, Missouri.

060811 4 car tractor trailer.jpg

On June 1, 2011 at approximately 4:05 p.m., 61 year old Pearl Anderson of Pine Bluff, Arkansas was operating a 2009 Freightliner traveling northbound on Highway 63 approximately .7 miles south of route AB in Boone County (vehicle one). At the same time and place, 30 year old Amber splitter, of Columbia, Mo, was operating a 1997 Mercury also traveling northbound (vehicle two). Also traveling northbound at the above stated time and place 62 year old Janice Palmer, of Columbia, MO, was operating a 2000 Buick (vehicle three). Vehicle four, also traveling northbound on Highway 63, was a 2000 Chevrolet with 32 year old Marybell Garcia as the passenger.

Traffic was slowing due to an accident on northbound Highway 63 when Anderson, driver of vehicle one, swerved and struck the above referenced in its path. The trailer first struck vehicle four on the rear of the passengers side, trapping Garcia, and forcing the vehicle off the left side of Highway 63. The front of the tractor trailer then struck the rear of vehicle three that Janice Palmer was driving. The impact of the collision forced her vehicle off the left side of the highway trapping her inside. The final vehicle that Anderson collided with was vehicle two that Amber Splitter was driving. The front of the tractor trailer collided with the rear of Splitter’s vehicle and forced it off the left side of the roadway. The tractor trailer continued in motion until it traveled off the left side of the road, lost its load of rebar and came to a stop in the median.

There were six injuries in the crash and all parties were taken to the University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri by ambulance. Pearl Anderson, the driver of the at fault vehicle, was wearing a safety device and suffered minor injuries. The driver of vehicle two, Amber Splitter, and her two occupants, Lylvester and Latavia Franklin, also suffered minor injuries. It is unknown whether Splitter and Lylvester Franklin were wearing their safety devices. The driver of vehicle two, Janice Palmer, suffered moderate injuries and was wearing a safety device. The tractor trailer received extensive damage and all the other vehicles received total damage and were towed from the scene of the accident by I-70 Towing.

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