Four Vehicle Accident Occurs as One Driver Fails to Stop

110711 multiple crash.jpg

In St. Charles County, four vehicles are in a back-to-back collision as one driver fails to stop cautiously before the light signal.

On November 5, 2011 at approximately 3:15 p.m., 29 year old Michael McLaughin and resident of Troy, Missouri was operating a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer traveling in the westbound direction on Highway 94. The second driver, 58 year old Christine Arnold of St. Charles, Missouri was operating a 2007 Ford Expedition. A third driver, 27 year old Kevin Messick of St. Louis, Missouri was operating a 2001 Nisson Pathfinder and the fourth driver involved in the crash is 43 year old Kristine Garrison of St. Louis, Missouri. All participants of this back-to-back collision were traveling in the westbound direction on Highway 94 on O’Fallon Road.

At that said time and place, Garrison, Messick, and Arnold were stopped at the red electric signal on Highway 94 at O’Fallon Road. Approaching the same traffic signal, McLaughin failed to notice and struck into the rear of Christine Arnold. Crashing into Arnold caused her to strike Messick who then struck Garrison causing a back-to-back four vehicle collision.

Only two out of the four participants of this crash required medical attention. The at-fault driver, Michael McLaughin received serious injuries due to this crash as he was transported to Mercy Hospital by the St. Charles County Ambulance. Also, Christine Arnold sustained moderate injuries and was also taken to Mercy Hospital by the St. Charles County Ambulance.

All the participants were wearing their safety devices for the duration of this crash except for Michael McLaughlin.

Michael McLaughin’s 1997 Mercury Mountaineer and Christine Arnold’s 2007 Ford Expedition received moderate damages and both were towed by A1 Towing. Both Kevin Messick and Kristine Garrison’s vehicles received only minor damages and were able to be driven from the scene of the crash.

This auto-crash was investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol with the assistance of trooper J. Watson of Troop C.


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