Four-vehicle Crash Results in One Fatality

010512 st.louis four vehicle crash.jpg

In St. Louis County, one Chesterfield resident is killed after being forced and struck into by three other vehicles.

On January 4, 2012 at approximately 3:33 p.m., Jeffrey Dobner, age 25 and from Foristell, Missouri was operating a 2011 Volkswagen GTI and traveling in the westbound direction. The second vehicle involved in the crash is Laura Dunn, age 48 and from Wildwood, Missouri as she was operating a 2004 Hyundai Elantra traveling in the westbound direction. A third participant in this crash is James Saale, age 57 and from Chillicothe, Missouri. James was operating a 2006 Freightliner and traveling in the westbound direction. A fourth and final participant involved in the crash is Courtney Birkel, age 41 and from Chesterfield, Missouri. Courtney was operating a 2004 Toyota Sienna and was traveling in the westbound direction.

At that said time and place, Jeffrey was traveling on westbound US 40 east of Clarkson Road, when approached Laura Dunn and struck her vehicle in the rear. After being struck, Laura lost control of her vehicle and traveled into the path of James. James then struck Laura which forced her vehicle into Courtney’s and finally Laura came to a final rest off the roadway in a ditch.

Laura Dunn was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash by the Monarch Fire Protection District Personnel. Laura was taken to St. Louis County medical examiner’s office by the St. Louis County Livery Service.

None of the other participants reported to have injuries or seek medical attention.

Jeffrey’s 2011 Volkswagen GTI and Laura’s 2004 Hyundai Elantra both received total damages from this crash. And James’ 2006 Freightliner and Courtney’s 2004 Toyota Sienna both received moderate damages from this crash. All vehicles were towed by McNamara’s Towing.

This auto-crash was investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol as well with the assistance of the Crash Team II sergeant, Andrew Mallery.


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