Freightliner’s Failure to Stop Causes Six Car Pileup

030813 traffic wreck.jpg

A 45 year old man driving a freightliner failed to stop in slowed traffic due to construction and hit five vehicles causing multiple injuries.

On November 4, 2013 at approximately 5:30 p. m., 45 year old Robert Sanko from Topeka, Kansas was operating a 2014 freightliner. Jerry Wofford, age 65 from Topeka, Kansas was operating a 2004 Volkwagen. Robert Dixon, age 42 from Kansas City, Missouri was operating a 2004 GMC Sierra. Debra Nichols, age 55 from St. Joseph, Missouri was operating a 2009 Acura. Willie McIntosh, age 53 from Mt. Grove, Missouri was operating a 2001 Kenworth. Richard Fox, age 43 of Iowa was operating a 2013 Ford F350.

At that said date and time, Jerry Wofford, Robert Dixon, Debra Nichols, Willie McIntosh, and Richard Fox were all headed northbound on I-29 at 22.8 mile marker. They all were in slowed traffic due to construction and rush hour in the driving lane. Robert Sanko did not stop and ran into Jerry Wofford vehicle, causing him to run off the right side of the road and came to a rest. Robert then hit Robert Dixon’s vehicle causing him to go into the median. Robert hit Debera Nichols vehicle after that and caused her to come to rest in the median cables. Robert also hit Willie McIntosh vehicle which caused Willie to hit Richard Fox’s vehicle. Willie McIntosh vehicle came to rest blocking both lanes. Robert continued off the right side of the road, and came to a stop.

Jerry Wofford received serious injuries and was transported by NRAD to Heartland Regional. Robert Sanko received moderate injuries and Robert Dixon received minor injuries. They were both transported by NRAD to North Kansas City Hospital. Both Debra Nichols and Willie McIntosh received minor injuries and were transported to heartland Regional in St. Joseph, Missouri. Richard Fox was not injured.

Robert Sanko’s 2014 Freightliner was totaled, Willie McIntosh’s 2001 Kenworth received moderate damages, and both were towed by GT Towing. Jerry Wofford’s 2004 Volkwagen was totaled and towed by All Star Towing. Robert Dixon’s 2004 GMC Sierra was totaled and towed by Express Towing. Debra Nichols 2009 Acura was totaled and towed by R&W Towing. Richard Fox’s 2013 Ford F350 received minor damages and was driven from the scene.

According to the Missouri State Highway patrol everyone was wearing their seat belts but it is unknown if Jerry Wofford was wearing his.

This crash was investigated by The Missouri State Highway Patrol.


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