Godfrey Man Killed When SUV Crashes into House

011713 home crash.jpg

In Godfrey County, a man is wrongfully killed after a SUV crashes into his home.

On January 14, 2013 at approximately 10:45 p.m., Marlin Bushnell, age 73, was found dead and trapped in debris under the vehicle that ran through his home. After receiving a call regarding a disturbance, rescuers arrived at Marlin Bushnell’s house, according to the Godfrey Fire Protection District, and found that a SUV ran through two rooms. Rescuers had no idea where the homeowner might be but later found him under the SUV vehicle.

The unknown driver fled the scene but a suspect was arrested later outside a bar. Police arrested the suspected driver on the parking lot of Beer Barrel Pub. He was held in the Madison County Jail with charges pending. Officials said that the suspect had gotten into a quarrel with someone at a nearby home and grabbed the keys to a relative’s car and drove off.

Marlin Bushnell, a widower, was believed to have been sitting in a chair in his living room when the full-size SUV crashed through the front door. Marlin’s wife died in 2007 and he lived in the house by himself.

Godfrey Fire Protection District’s shift commander, Eric Cranmer, said that house had substantial damages. Cranmer explained that Marlin Bushnell’s body was found after the rescuers removed all the furniture and debris from under the car.

Captain Mike Dixon, chief of detectives for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, said that authorities are still looking into details such as how fast the vehicle had been going.

Christine Chaikowsky, lives next door to Bushnell, said cars speed along Saturn Drive all the time. The street in front of their home curves and some people don’t make the turn in time.

Chaikowsky said that Marlin Bushnell and his wife had built their home more than 40 years ago and were one of the first families in the neighborhood.

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