Granite City Father and Infant Son Killed in Double-Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash

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Missouri father and infant son were killed in a hit-and-run while stopped on the side of the road to deal with car troubles, now leading to the filing of a wrongful death suit.

A wrongful death suit was filed on November 21, 2010 at the Madison County Courthouse against an Edwardsville area man and the company he worked for in the deaths of two Granite City residents in a hit-and-run accident occurring a week prior. Donald Lee Legens, 34, and his 9-month-old son, Donald Lee Legens Jr., were killed in the hit-and-run crash which is subject of this lawsuit. The wrongful death suit was filed by Jessica Ellen Legens (widow of Donald Sr.) and names Mark Alan Ikerman (the alleged driver of the vehicle that struck the Legens’ car), and Manheim Service Corp., AKA Manheim Gateway St. Louis who was Ikerman’s employer.

The Legens’ vehicle had run out of gas on Pontoon Road. Legens Sr. had taken his son to a near-by gas station and had returned and put his son back in the car. He was filling the car’s tank when it was struck by a tow truck driven by Ikerman, who allegedly fled the scene. The damaged tow truck was found the next morning parked in Ikerman’s driveway at his home. Legens Sr. was killed when he was struck outside of his vehicle while filling the gas tank. Legens Jr. died of injuries he received in the crash several days after the incident.

Ikerman was originally charged with two counts of aggravated driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident involving a personal injury or death, and failure to report an accident involving personal injury or death. Ikerman’s bond was originally set for $100,000 but increased to $200,000 after the death of the child, Legens Jr.

The suit claims that Ikerman’s negligence, including operating the tow truck under the influence of alcohol, caused the crash leading to multiple deaths. The suit also claims that Manheim Service Corp. was also negligent in trusting Ikerman to drive the tow truck. Allegedly Ikerman has had multiple motor vehicle citations and has shown habitual incompetence and recklessness in his driving habits and history. Therefore, the suit claims, Ikerman was not qualified to drive the tow truck and Manheim either knew or should have known of these facts.

The six count suit is seeking in excess of $50,000 for each count.


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