Hannibal, Missouri Four Car Pile-Up Leaves Four Injured

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Wednesday, January 20, a car crash resulting from a driver failing to yield turned into a four car pile-up leaving four injured.

Joshua Schipper was driving a 2005 Dodge Ram eastbound on Route E in north-western Missouri. He attempted to turn left across the westbound lane, but failed to yield to an oncoming second vehicle. The second vehicle, driven by Lesley Amschler, hit the right side of Schipper’s vehicle. Amschler was driving a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe.

The initial crash between Schipper and Amschler spun Amschler’s vehicle causing it to strike a third vehicle head on. The third vehicle was a 2001 Toyota Corolla, driven by Alyssa Montalbano. Montalbano’s vehicle was pushed backwards into a fourth vehicle, a 1998 Ford Mustang, driven by Larry Brownlee.

Amschler, as well as Alyssa and Laura Montalbano were taken by ambulance to St. Joseph’s west. Alyssa and Laura both sustained serious injuries in the accident. Salvatore Montalbano was taken by ambulance to St. John’s Hospital. He and Amschler both sustained moderate injuries.

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