How to Choose the Best Attorney


Choosing a competent attorney that specializes in your type of case could well be one of the most important decisions of your life. Maybe you feel that you have no idea where to find a good attorney who will fight for you in and out of Court. Here are 10 tips you should consider when making the decision or to better knowledge yourself in case a situation ever arises.

Here are 10 tips to help you choose the best personal injury attorney:

1. Try an internet “Google” engine search: “Columbia, Missouri Injury Attorney”.

2. Make an informed decision. Do not rely on advertisements and avoid “pay per click” ads, yellow pages, commercials, or recommendations alone.

3. Search for law firms that handle cases in your area. It does not make sense to hire an attorney not in your area. It will likely cost you more. Local attorneys are best as they will be more accountable for you. Local attorneys generally lead to better client satisfaction.

4. Focus on law firms that specialize in only personal injury. “General Practice” firms will likely refer your case out. Cut out the middleman and narrow down the field by focusing on attorneys who concentrate the law in your area. Most importantly, make sure any attorney you consider has experience in this field of law or your case may be delayed while the attorney studies up on the procedures.

5. Gather information on each and compare them. Make an informed decision.

6. The attorney should be Martindale-Hubble “AV” rated. It’s the highest rating.

7. Check the attorney’s recent case results. They are a good indicator for success.

8. Old dogs may be too tired or lazy to hunt. Young dogs may not know how to hunt. Consider hiring an attorney in the middle of their career and that are old enough to have experience.

9. Arrange a free consultation and ask: “What is your experience? Have you ever handled similar cases? How many jury trials?” Schedule meetings, but don’t commit until you’ve met them all and considered your best option.

10. Personal injury lawyers work on a “contingency fee”. Ask the attorney how much attorney’s fees are and whether they will negotiate them.