Hutchinson Hospital Anticipates Appeal in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Hutchinson Regional Medical Center’s attorney, Randy Troutt, states that he firmly disagrees with the jury’s $1 million award in a wrongful death lawsuit and presumes to appeal.

This wrongful death lawsuit was filed by relatives of Jackie L. Sarff, a 73-year-old man who came to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in August of 2008. Jackie Sarff went to the hospital due to an upset stomach. A licensed practical nurse inserted a gastric tube into one of Jackie’s nasal passages, which caused him to vomit. The vomit was inhaled into his lungs and led to brain damage and his death five days later.

Representing the Sarff’s family is attorney Thomas Warner, as he disputed that a register nurse or specially trained LPN should have performed the procedure instead of an unsupervised LPN. He also disputed that the hospital staff did not remove the vomit quickly enough from Sarff’s airway with suction equipment. Warned concluded that jury believed that Sarff died because the hospital nurses did not follow patient safety rules.

In defense, Troutt expressed that the jury was apparently confused and misunderstood those policies and that in fact the hospital staff followed proper patient procedures. Troutt stated that the jury misinterpreted those polices.

The jury’s award included $24,255 for medical expenses, $12,740 for funeral expenses, $800,000 in economic damages, and $125,000 each to Sarff’s widow, Bonnie, and her daughter, Susan Baker, for mental anguish and loss of companionship.

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