Kilroy’s Sports Bar Sued for Fatal Tent Collapse in St. Louis

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When a severe storm passed through St. Louis, Missouri after a Cardinals-Brewers game at Busch Stadium, a tent outside of a local bar collapsed, causing serious injuries for over 100 people and 1 fatality.

On April 28, 2012 following a Cardinals-Brewers game at nearby Busch Stadium, a tent was blown over outside of Kilroy’s Sports Bar south of downtown St. Louis due to a storm. The storm’s heavy winds were estimated to be up to 50 mph. The storm lifted the party tent from its moorings and pushed it against a railroad trestle, sending heavy, metal posts flying in the air according to an article from

Alfred Goodman, age 58, from Waterloo, Missouri suffered head injuries and neck injuries. He was pronounced dead at St. Louis University Hospital. Janet Martinez, age 45, from St. Louis, Missouri suffered serious injuries and a fractured cervical spine. Kurt Volk, age 25, from St. Louis, Missouri suffered serious injuries, a fractured left shoulder, and a shoulder joint separation. In all, 17 people were taken to the hospital, including the fatality, and approximately 100 people were injured.

Two individuals of those who were injured filed lawsuits on May 15, 2012 against the pub and the company that leased and installed the tent. The lawsuits allege that Kilroy’s was negligent on several accounts. They failed to ensure the safety of the tent and failed to close off the tent area despite the severe thunderstorm forecasts. The lawsuits allege that the tent rental company, Sun Rental Inc., of Bridgeton, Missouri, failed to properly anchor the tent and failed to warn Kilroy’s of its potential limitations.

According to St. Louis City Ordinance 68788, tents covering at least 1,000 square feet for public use must be strong enough for 90 mph winds. However, city officials acknowledged that inspectors have no way to test that a tent has that structural strength. City Public Safety Director Eddie Roth called for revised safety regulations that require evacuations of large public tents during severe weather warnings.

The owner of Kilroy’s, Art Randall, was not surprised to be sued. He expressed sympathy for the injuries and distress that his family and other families endured as a result of this tragic tent collapse.


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