Lower Gas Prices in 2015 Contributes to More Car Crashes in Missouri.


Columbia, Missouri -The entire nation benefited from lower gas prices in 2015 and Missouri was no exception.

According to a Missouri Department of Transportation and Missouri State Highway Patrol report, the lower gas prices had a direct impact in our states higher death totals resulting from car crashes.

Missouri gasoline prices averaged $1.67 per gallon in 2015. These were among some of the lowest prices for gas in the nation. Missouri roadway deaths were 853 in 2015. This was an increase of nearly 11.5% from the previous year. Many believe, lower gasoline prices contribute to more people on Missouri highways, more often.

As Missouri highways and roads become busier, so do all of the responders to Missouri traffic accidents. The Missouri State Highway Patrol continues to urge drivers to obey traffic laws and always buckle their seatbelts. In Missouri, of the 853 car crash deaths, 63 percent of them were not wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts absolutely save lives in many car crashes.

Of course, lower gas prices are not the only contributing factor to higher car crash and death totals. It is still estimated that distracted drivers and aggressive drivers, are the leading causes of traffic accidents and traffic fatalities, in the state of Missouri.

At the AW Smith Law Firm, we see first hand, the results of a distracted or aggressive driver. Many of our clients fall victim to this ongoing problem. They can suffer injuries from these car crashes, that can change how they live forever.  It remains important, that everyone continues to be mindful, when they get behind the wheel of an automobile. Missouri Highway Patrol statistics show the many of Missouri’s car crashes are one vehicle accidents, where a distracted driver drove off of the side of the roadway. Often times these vehicles hit a tree, guardrail or embankment, causing serious damage and injuries.

Drivers can protect themselves and others, by remembering some important safety precautions; slow down, obey all traffic laws, always wear your seatbelt, always turn off your cell phone, stay alert and eliminate distractions. Adjusting your vehicle’s radio or thermostat should be done when the vehicle is stopped. Carelessness while driving, can happen in an instant. Many cars and trucks are travelling at speeds above 50 miles per hour and those seconds can change lives forever.

Missouri families with young drivers need to continue to make safe driving a priority in their household. Young drivers can also help remind their parents to drive safely and buckle up. As we enter 2016, remember that many believe gas prices are going even lower. If this is true, Missouri roadways will continue to be busy. Let’s all do our part to reduce our states traffic accident and traffic fatality totals.

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