Lyndon Ebker of New Haven Missouri and MoDOT Employee is Struck and Killed.

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Franklin County, Missouri-

A Missouri Department of Transportation worker, Lyndon D. Ebker, 55, was struck and killed Thursday morning as he worked to clean a bridge in Franklin County. Lyndon Ebker of New Haven, Missouri had worked for MoDOT for more than 30 years. In an interview, Greg Horn, MoDOT’s St. Louis District Engineer, said, “Our hearts are heavy, too. He has lots of friends here and will be missed.”

Mr. Ebker was part of a MoDOT crew, cleaning road salt and other grime off a bridge on Highway 100 near Buchheit Road about 9:15 a.m. when the accident occurred, authorities said. The scene is west of Washington, Missouri.

Sgt. Al Nothum of the Missouri Highway Patrol said the crew had parked a dump truck in an eastbound lane of the highway. The crew had posted signs that work was underway on the bridge, Nothum said. An attenuator, sometimes referred to as a crash cushion, was attached to the back of the truck. It is designed to minimize damage to vehicles in a collision.

A man driving a Volkswagen Passat station wagon came up on the dump truck, swerved to the left and struck MoDOT employee, Lyndon Ebker, Nothum said. The man driving the Volkswagen stayed at the scene after the crash. Police took him to a hospital, where he was questioned.  The driver was later identified by the Highway Patrol as Norman E. Haimila, 80, of Hermann, Missouri.

Highway Patrol Cpl. Juston Wheetley said an accident reconstruction report could take several weeks and no decision on charges had been made.

When approaching a work zone, drivers are urged to pay attention, slow down and take your time. Work Zones are dangerous areas when drivers fail to pay attention.

Thursday afternoon, Gov. Jay Nixon’s office released a statement offering condolences to Ebker’s family. ”I call upon all drivers to be especially careful when encountering work zones or the scene of an accident,” the governor said in the statement. “Extra caution helps to protect everyone, including the highway workers and law enforcement officers who are at these sites to help keep us safe.”

MoDOT workers are in mourning after one of their own is killed in the line of duty. The accident happened on Highway 100 between Washington and New Haven Missouri. Lyndon Ebker, 55, retired after working for MoDOT for three decades but he returned to the job to do seasonal work. That is when he was run down.

“My heart just sank he’s one of those true blue people that you wish everybody was like.” said MoDOT Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger.

The family of Lyndon Ebker may have a claim against the insurance company that insures Norman E. Haimila’s Volkswagon Passat. It is common in most cases that victims can recover money for all of their medical bills, lost wages, damages and for the past, current and future pain and suffering, they have or will experience.

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Our company sends our prayers and sympathy out to the family of Lyndon Ebker. We understand that bad accidents happen to good people. May God Bless You All, during these difficult times.