Mail Carrier Attacked By Boxer-mix

040313 dog bite.jpg

Florissant – A mail carrier was attacked by a boxer-mix early Saturday afternoon while on her daily route.

21-year-old Aeriel Dixon, of Ferguson, was on her route in the 1600 block of Fernbrook Lane when a male boxer mix ran out of the door and attacked her, according to her mother, Angelia Spencer. The boxer bit a chunk from Dixon’s left calf and left bite marks on her hands after pushing open the front door of the home as she walked up to deliver the mail, said Robert Morris, a supervisor in Florissant’s health department
Dixon was taken to DePaul Health Center for treatment after the man, who had been watching the dog, pulled the boxer off her.

Dixon’s mother says she thinks the dog should be euthanized. Angelia Spencer stated, “She was screaming for her life. I don’t think there should be a chance for this dog to hurt someone else’s child.”

The boxer, named Chevy, is being released to his owner, Jeff Ellis, after a 10-day quarantine because there is no documented history of aggression.

Joe Thompson, who was watching the dog for Ellis at the time, was issued a summons for failing to control the dog, while Ellis was cited for failing to keep the dog‘s rabies shots up to date. Animal control will monitor Chevy’s whereabouts after his release.

Dixon is now on heavy painkillers and is having kidney problems along with elevated blood pressure. Her mother stated that her daughter will have to have surgery, but doesn’t know any details.


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