Man Charged With Murder in St. Louis


In St. Louis County, a woman is killed after a man collided with her vehicle in attempts to flee police.

On April 9, 2013 at approximately 3:00 p.m., William Joseph Gallagher, age 18 from St. Louis, Missouri was operating a stolen 1997 Honda Accord with several other people inside the vehicle.

At that said date and time, William Joseph Gallagher was in a stolen 1997 Honda Accord when St. Louis police stopped it on the parking lot of a former Arby’s on Grand Boulevard. Police had been given information that Gallagher, who was wanted for alleged crimes in St. Louis County, would be at that location. Police were also given additional information that Gallagher had a reported missing juvenile from Franklin County in the vehicle.

Gallagher was asked to stop out of the vehicle but instead he put the car in reverse and nearly hit an office, police said. The Honda Accord collided with a park Cadillac Deville before driving down nearby Alberta Street in oncoming lanes of traffic.

He then cut south and sped east on Osage Street to Nebraska Avenue at speeds of about 85 miles per hour, said Gallagher to police in court documents.

Gallagher collided with two other vehicles before getting out and running on foot.

At Nebraska Avenue, Gallagher collided with a car and killed passenger, Virigina Bedrosian, of the vehicle. Virginia Bedrosian, age 87, was a resident of Greenville, Illinois. Two other passengers in the vehicle that Gallagher collided with were transported to hospitals for treatment. The police reports did not have the victim’s conditions from the crash but said that their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. A girl in the vehicle with Gallagher was taken to a hospital to be evaluated, police said.

Officers looked from Gallagher’s vehicle and found the crash scene at Nebraska Avenue. Witnesses gave police a description of the teenage driver and officers caught up to Gallagher on foot and arrested him.

Police said officers reviewed video footage from city squad cars and said officers did not chase the suspect, the investigation is still ongoing.

William Gallagher was charged on Wednesday, April 10th, with second-degree murder, assault on a law enforcement officer, tampering with a motor vehicle, several counts of armed criminal action, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of a fatality crash.

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