Missouri Auto Accident Attorney Helps the Victims of Serious Highway Accidents






The year 2016 marks the deadliest year on US Highways in almost 10 years, with an estimated 40,000 fatalities.

A recent study conducted by the vehicle tracking company, Geotab, identifies the most dangerous highways in each state, based on fatality rates. In Missouri, the deadliest highway was U.S. 63 Highway, a north-south highway that passes through Columbia and Jefferson City. In Kansas, the study found the deadliest highway was Interstate 70.

Geotab pulls statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration, and adjusts the data for average daily traffic counts.

A Missouri Auto Accident Attorney, The AW Smith Law Firm continues to stand out for representing families that have been the victims of these serious and often times fatal traffic accidents. The sole purpose of their law firm is to represent the families that have suffered a serious injury and/or wrongful death from one of these automobile crashes, that have occurred from no fault of their own. They concentrate on getting their clients the settlements they deserve, usually from the big insurance companies of the defendants who cause these serious accidents. However, the AW Smith Law has also been awarded large settlements against the Missouri Department of Transportation.
AW Smith says that new automobile technology like airbags, lane departure and blindspot detection continue to make our highways safer. If you add to that, MoDOT’s rumble strips, median barrier cables and traffic alert reader boards, it’s apparent there is alot being done for driver safety.
In an effort to improve safety on the highway,  MoDOT is installing rumble strips on each shoulder of the roadway and guard cable in the median. Rumble strips are grooves in the roadway that, when driven on, create a rumbling in a vehicle to alert drivers that they’re drifting. The strips have already been installed on about 80 percent of U.S. 63 Highway.
The Kansas Department of Transportation, or KDOT, uses a variety of strategies to help reduce the potential for fatal and serious injury crashes. This includes promoting educational campaigns such as Click it or Ticket, supporting law enforcement efforts, and engineering highway projects to make them safe for travelers.

A curve on I-70 in Kansas City, Kansas, at the Lewis and Clark Viaduct Bridge came under scrutiny when a local man, Leo Eilts, captured video of a series of crashes, including a fatal motorcycle accident. Eilts called the area on Interstate 70, “suicide curve.”

From 2007 to 2015, there were 38 injury crashes and 96 crashes causing property damage at the curve, according to KDOT. However, that data only includes crashes that caused damage to KDOT property. Another motorcyclist died in 2012 on the curve.

A reconstruction project that would have taken place in phases and included the replacement of the curve has been delayed due to a lack of funding.

However, todays concern is now with the enormous growth in serious accidents caused by distracted drivers. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, 80 percent of all crashes are the result of some form of distracted driving. These drivers are too easily distracted by their cell phones, changing the automobile’s sound system or temperature controls, conversations with other passengers and even the scenery.

Many times, these serious accidents are not accidents at all. They are serious auto crashes that have occurred due to the negligence of another driver.

The AW Smith Law Firm has been recognized nationally, for the success they have had on behalf of their clients. If you visit their website and click on their Verdicts and Settlements tab, you can see some of the successes they have had for their clients. It is common in most cases that victims can recover money for all of their medical bills, lost wages, damages and for the past, current and future pain and suffering, they have or will experience.

An experienced, serious injury attorney will advise the families and manage their claims against the big insurance companies. The attorney will protect their interests, so the family can focus on their recovery. The AW Smith Law Firm will also organize all of the evidence, track and organize all of the medical records and billing, and negotiate with the insurance companies on behalf of the accident victims and their family.


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