Missouri Family Files Wrongful Death Suit against Overland Police


Three Overland residents file wrongful death suit after Overland police officers allegedly pushed their brother down a flight of stairs to his death in April of 2010.

On the night of March 20, police were called about a road rage incident in which a motorist driving a jeep had been using flashing lights and a siren. Knowing that Kenneth Hamilton owned a vehicle like this, police made a visit to his residence in the 2600 block of West Milton Avenue.

The suit says: “While investigating the prior traffic incident and interrogating Kenneth Hamilton, defendant Ringeisen excessively, and without provocation or cause, struck, punched, and/or pushed decedent down a flight of stairs within the residence causing serious and substantial injuries including a massive head injury, which required immediate medical care and treatment.”

Instead of calling for the immediate medical help, the officers promptly left the home. The officers never reported the incident to their supervisors nor did they seek the necessary help for the victim.

The lawsuit, which was filed on April 5th, accuses the Overland police officers of using excessive and unnecessary force and leaving the scene without getting medical help for the victim, Kenneth Hamilton. The lawsuit also accuses the Overland Police Department of not properly training their officers. Hamilton suffered a massive head injury from the fall which ultimately led to his death.

The lawsuit says that Hamilton was unarmed and had not committed any crime. The suit also states that the officers did not have a warrant for Hamilton’s arrest.

The St. Louis County prosecutor has filed manslaughter charges against one officer, Andrew Ringeisen, for pushing Hamilton down the stairs, but doesn’t expect to charge anyone else.

The suit was filed by Hamilton’s three brothers – Michael, Joseph and Anthony Hamilton. The suit is against the city of Overland, Ringeisen and two unnamed officers, referred to as John Doe I and John Doe II.

The suit seeks damages of over $25,000.

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