Missouri Trucking Accident Leads to $375,000 Verdict

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Personal Injury attorney, Aaron W. Smith received a $375,000 verdict in federal court for a tractor trailer collision.

Elmer Connelly was injured in a collision when a tractor trailer hit his truck while traveling on U.S. Highway 71. The accident took place near Lamar, Missouri. Connelly sued the H.O. Wolding freighting company for negligence in circuit court, but the action was soon removed to federal court .

While the initial crash didn’t severely injure Connelly, the subsequent injuries were devastating. Connelly was on blood-thinners at the time of the accident, causing a bruise on his leg to develop into a nerve injury. The nerve injury makes it difficult for Connelly to sit for long periods of time, as it causes him substantial pain.

The A.W. Smith Law Firm took the suit all the way to trial. After a two-day trial, a jury deliberated for less than seven hours before awarding $375,000 to Connelly in compensatory damages. The freighting company had originally offered to settle for $125,000, and then lowered their settlement offer to $80,000 immediately before the trial.

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