Missouri Woman and Bar Pay $2.255 Million To Settle Suit In Crash That Killed Four

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An off-duty police officer, Christine Miller, killed four people and injured one while driving drunk, resulting in a lawsuit against her and the bar that served her that night.

A deadly crash occurred when Officer Christine Miller left O’Leary’s Restaurant and Bar after she had drank a “high quantity” of alcohol and drove her car into oncoming traffic. All four passengers of the vehicle were killed and the driver was seriously hurt sustaining a head injury, fractured ribs, liver trauma, lung contusion and contusions to the skull.

A wrongful death suit was filed by the families of the victims and the one sole survivor of the crash against Christine Miller (the driver) and O’Leary’s Restaurant and Bar (the bar who served her the night of the crash). The suit accused Miller, 42, of negligence based on the allocation of drunk driving and driving on the wrong side of the road. The parents also sued the restaurant because its employees “knew Miller was intoxicated”. The suit claims that bar workers continued serving Miller despite her slurred speech and unsteady gate and then did not stop her from driving or call her a cab.

Miller and O’Leary’s Restaurant and Bar decided to settle the suit for $2.255 million dollars to compensate the families of loss and the surviving victim. Christine Miller agreed to pay a $255,000 settlement, with $45,000 going to each family. O’Leary’s Restaurant and Bar will pay a $2 million dollar settlement, from which each parent will collect an immediate payment of $100,000 and a structured settlement for each child of $186,375.

Christine Miller is facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of second-degree assault for injuries suffered by the surviving victim.

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