Saint Louis Auto Case vs. MoDOT Settles for $1.3 Million

The Missouri Department of Transportation has been ordered to pay $1.3 million by a board of arbitrators to the family of an auto crash victim after they didn’t do enough to warn of dangerous road conditions.


Jemma Dant, 28, was killed December 6, 2005 on Highway 44 in Saint Louis as she waited on to get off the highway on a backed up exit ramp. Dant’s vehicle was hit from behind by a semi that couldn’t stop. Dant’s car was pushed under a semi that was stopped in front of her, killing her instantly.

The arbitrators found that MoDOT should have had warnings for approaching drivers that traffic was backed up on the highway approaching the exit, as the traffic had been backing up at the location for over a month before the accident.

Dant’s family had already received $950,000 from a lawsuit against the semi driver and the trucking company that he worked for, so the agency will actually only owe $350,000 as the previous settlement was deducted from the $1.3 million.

After the crash, the exit ramp was restriped and electronic signs were installed to warn oncoming traffic of any potentially dangerous road conditions. Had these kinds of precautions been in place at the time of the crash, the collision could have been avoided completely. If you have been in a tractor trailer or semi crash like this in Missouri, or another auto-crash that wasn’t your fault, you should strongly consider hiring an attorney to represent your case.

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