Neosho Woman Receives Settlements for Two Separate Car Crashes

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This Neosho woman had a unique case which called into question the responsibility of negligent drivers subsequent to an original crash.

In September 2003, a Neosho woman, Carrie Story, was involved in a car crash with Mark Logan. Logan failed to yield to Story while making a left turn across traffic. Story was taken to a hospital where doctors diagnosed her with a left-foot fracture. Although the fracture healed quickly, Story continued to suffer pain in her foot. A bone scan later suggested that she had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a painful nerve disorder caused by an injury to a hand or foot. Story filed suit against Logan.

In March 2004, Story was involved in a second Missouri auto crash. An uninsured motorist was trying to make a left-hand turn onto Missouri Highway 86 in Newton County pulled into Story’s path. Again, Story was taken to a local hospital and diagnosed with a left-foot contusion that had exacerbated her original RSD injury. Story began treatment for the continued pain and filed a second lawsuit against American National.

Because the two cases were related, but separate events the core of the case was determining how and to what degree the second driver should be held responsible for the injuries already present, but exacerbated by his negligence. Columbia, Missouri injury attorney Aaron Smith was able to secure a $193,500 settlement without taking either case to mediation or court. The first case was settled for $100,000 and the second case was settled for $93,500 with a $43,500 settlement from Story’s own insurance against uninsured drivers and $50,000 from the uninsured driver.

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