Northwest Missouri Freight Train and Auto Crash Kills Three

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On December 9, three Trenton, Missouri residents were killed by an oncoming train while trying to cross “uncontrolled” railroad tracks. The driver, Nancy Groves, was driving a 2001 Plymouth Neon carrying passengers Adam Romesburg and Nina Spencer.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the vehicle was traveling eastbound on First Street in Trenton, and drove into the path of the approaching freight train. While it had snowed heavily in the area, state Troopers said that it didn’t play a role in the crash. The train dragged the car 300 feet from the point of impact. The train, which tried to stop after the crash, was 2700 feet north from the crash location, showing how long it takes for trains to stop once alerted of a dangerous condition on the tracks. While the car was totaled and removed from the scene, the train continued on to its intended destination.

Trenton is located about three and a half hours northwest of Columbia, Missouri. Missouri is notorious for “uncontrolled” railroad tracks; uncontrolled meaning without the bar or arms that lower to prevent vehicles from entering the tracks when a train is approaching. Unfortunately, many Missourians have lost their lives to these unsafe conditions.

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