O’Fallon Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Child’s Babysitter

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Parents of an eighteen month old boy filed a wrongful death suit against the child’s babysitter and her husband after their child died in the babysitter’s care.

Eighteen month old Mason Beach died in September of 2009 while in the care of his babysitter, Lisa West. West was running a daycare out of her Wentzville home at the time of the death. The medical examiner and doctors who treated the baby concluded that the injuries that Mason sustained were more than just a fall and were more likely an intentional act on the child. Dr. Mary Case, chief medical examiner for St. Charles County has ruled the child’s death a homicide.

Mason’s parents have since filed a wrongful death suit against Lisa West and her husband, Scott West. The wrongful death suit contains six different counts which cover alternate theories on how Mason may have died. Count two of the suit alleges negligence against West in that a ‘stairwell leading to the basement did not have a barricade and/or a self closing door’. Count four alleges that West left the child unattended in an unsecured highchair and count six alleges that West “intentionally struck, pushed, threw, kicked, shook and/or dropped Mason causing him severe bodily harm and injury resulting in brain damage and ultimately his death.”

The attorney for the babysitter and her husband said in court filings that the Wests were not negligent and did not intentionally harm the child. When asked how the boy died, he responded “I am not putting forward a theory on how this child died“.

It is not known if Lisa West is still caring for children other than her own. The criminal investigation of this case is ongoing.