Pit Bull Mix Attacks Two Men Walking on Trail

012913 animal control.jpg

In Bridgeton County, two men receive moderate injuries after walking on a trail at Riverwoods Park and Trail and are attacked by two stray dogs.

On January 28, 2013 around 4:30 p.m., the dog attack happened at the parking lot of the Riverwoods Park and Trail, near the end of St. Charles Rock Road along the Missouri River. The two men were attacked by a pit bull and chow mix.

The men were treated at the scene by Pattonville Fire Protection District paramedics with moderate injuries. One suffered a bite on his arm, the other suffered a bite on his leg. Later, the men drove themselves to a hospital for more treatment.

When the police arrived, an officer spotted one of the dogs as it came charging at them. The officer retrieved their gun and shot the dog in the shoulder. Police said the injured dog got up and ran into the woods with another dog.

The Riverwoods Park and Trail had been closed while the officers searched for the dogs. Later, the two dogs were spotted after dark as officers were setting up traps. According to the police, the dogs were collards with catch sticks and taken away by the St. Louis County Animal Control.


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