Plane Crashes in Rural Morgan County

100611 aircraft crash.jpg

In Morgan County, a two-seater aircraft nose dives and crashes into a field where the pilot was the only occupant and now is in critical life conditions with serious injuries.

On September 5, 2011 at approximately 5:30 p.m., Gregory Everett, 63, of Versailles, Missouri was operating a Kolb Mark 3 Aircraft, which is an ultra light experimental model. The aircraft was designated to be in the northbound direction.

At that said time and place, Gregory Everett had just taken off from a private airstrip in his Kolb Mark 3 aircraft when he called the airfield and stated that his engine was overheating and was causing the airplane to stall. The aircraft stalled and went nose first into a field on private property off of Great Oaks Road and Sheep Drive. Everett was the only person on the plane.

The crash happened in a bean field between Fortuna and Versailles, Deputies believed the pilot was trying to make his way back to a private air street about seven miles away when he crashed.

Gregory Everett received very serious injuries due to this plane crash. Everett was flown by the Staff for Life to the University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri where he would be treated for medical attention.

The result of the Kolb Mark 3 Aircraft received total damages after crashing head-on into the ground. The aircraft remains in the field and is secured with pending in a FAA investigation.

This crash was taken over by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and remains under investigation.


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