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Tractor Trailer Head-On Collision

According to a report in the Kansas City Star, a semi collided with a car on Missouri 210 last night. The northern Kansas City crash occurred around 11:15 p.m. near Northeast Kimbrall Drive. The driver of the car suffered potentially life-threatening injuries, and had to be freed from the vehicle, according to dispatchers. Dispatchers also said that one driver crossed the highway’s median, causing the head-on collision.
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A 30-car pileup on Saturday, January 16, left more than 30 injured and one 3-year-old child dead.

The crash occurred south of Kansas City on I-35. Bystanders said that the roads were incredibly slick, and that thick fog had made driving conditions difficult. Johnson County Med-Act ambulances sent five units to help assist with treating and transporting those injured in the crash. At least two-dozen people with less-serious injuries were transported to area hospitals on a bus. Eight suffered serious injuries, four of whom were transported to the University of Kansas Medical Center.
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