Repeat Drunken Driver Crashes Into House


In Portage des Sioux, a repeat drunken driver has been arrested again after he sped through the main intersection of Common Field and Highway J, drove up the porch of a home and crashed through the living room while the residents were asleep in bed.

According to the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department, the crash occurred at approximately 4:08 a.m., on June 9, 2013 at 1570 Common Field Street. The home sits at the intersection of Common Field and Highway J.

No injuries were reported.

Rickey Ardell Branch, age 44 of Marshall, Missouri is accused of driving while intoxicated and driving while revoked.

Rickey Branch was operating a 2000 Ford full-size van and traveling in the northbound direction on Highway J at a high rate of speed. The crash occurred as Rickey missed a turn on Highway J and failed to stop at a stop sign, crashed through a sign saying “Welcome to Portage des Sioux,” drove off the roadway and through a fence, and then crashed into the living room of a Portage des Sioux home. The house received extensive structural damage.

The deputy who responded to the crash scene said that Rickey had a strong odor of intoxication coming from his breath, eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and his speech was slurred. According to police, Rickey Blanch agreed to take several field sobriety tests, but failed. A search warrant was obtained after he refused a chemical test of his breath and blood.

According to court records, Rickey Blanch has three previous impaired driving convictions. He has been found guilty of driving while intoxicated in October 2005, October 2009 in Cooper County and in September 2009 in Saline County. Police say that Rickey has had an outstanding warrant in St. Louis County for DWIs since 2009, but has failed to turn himself in.

For his 2013 case, Rickey was charged with a felony DWI as an aggravated offender and a misdemeanor for driving while his license was revoked. He is being held by St. Charles County Corrections and is required to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet when out on bail.

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