St. Louis Inmate Deprived of HIV Medication and Files Personal Injury Suit

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HIV-positive inmate in St. Louis City jail was denied his medication for 17 days and has filed a personal injury suit accordingly.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Eastern Missouri filed a lawsuit on Thursday, November 18th, 2010. The lawsuit alleges that John Doe Plaintiff was deprived of his rights at the Justice Center in downtown St. Louis as well as the Medium Security Institution on Hall Street. The ACLU claims that Plaintiff, an HIV-positive inmate, was deprived of his medications for 17 days and received only sporadic care after that.

The suit names the city and a contractor, Correctional Medical Services, as defendants along with Eugene Stubblefield, the jail superintendent, and two CMS physicians, Drs. Brenda Mallard and Susan Singer. Nancy Kistler, Deputy City Counselor responded to the suit, “Contrary to the claims of the ACLU, the records of the inmate in question reflect that he received adequate medical care consistent with his constitutional rights.”

Plaintiff was detained in March 2010 and was released in mid November 2010. The suit states that Plaintiff had been successfully treated by his doctor prior to his incarceration but was deprived of necessary medications once incarcerated even though he informed officials of his condition. His physician had faxed the jail information about medication and dosages prior to Plaintiff’s detainment.

Plaintiff received only Tylenol, not until the 11th day, and did not get his HIV medications until the 17th day. Thereafter, the suit states, Plaintiff received only sporadic treatment which caused continuing effects to his health. Test of Plaintiff’s current medical condition are pending.

This is only the most recent of times in which the medical care in St. Louis city jails has been brought into question. The city jails are already subject of numerous wrongful death lawsuits.

In early November, 2010, 37 year old inmate Vanessa Evans died at the city jail after having trouble breathing in her jail cell. Relatives of the woman believe she was not treated with necessary urgency and severity as she should have been given her medical history, including asthma.

31 year old inmate Courtland Lucas collapsed from heart failure and died May 25, 2009. Lavonda Kimble, 30, suffered an acute asthma attack and died April 11, 2007. Wrongful death suits regarding these individuals are pending.


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