The A.W. Smith Law Firm Supports Granny’s House in Their Efforts to Nurture and Inspire The Community’s Children Through Charitable Donation

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The A.W. Smith Law Firm helps to provide nurturing and safe after school care for public housing kids through a $500 donation to Granny’s House.

The A.W. Smith Law Firm presented a $500 check to Granny’s House, an after school care center based in Columbia, Missouri, dedicated to providing a nurturing and loving environment for public housing kids. Granny’s House has a vision to reach the children of Columbia’s inner city before their lives are shaped by destructive behaviors or become entangled in the legal system. They provide love, support, a safe place to play or do homework and an atmosphere of hope and calm in the chaotic worlds of these children.

The A.W. Smith Law Firm, a Columbia, Missouri personal injury law firm, is making a dedicated effort to fulfill its social responsibility by addressing the needs of the community and those in surrounding areas. The A.W. Smith Law Firm grants charitable contributions to organizations in the Mid-Missouri area that have dedicated themselves to promoting the welfare of their communities and the people in them. All of this is made possible through the hard work and generosity of The A.W. Smith Law Firm staff, in particular its president, Aaron W. Smith (also known as “A.W.“).

“Making this donation means a lot to me,” stated A.W. Smith, “Granny’s House is an organization which is exponentially important in the lives of the children they touch. This is our opportunity as a community to make an impact in the lives of these children before it is too late.”

About The A.W. Smith Law Firm, P.C.:

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About Granny’s House:

Granny’s House is a safe, nurturing place where public housing kids can go each day after school to see values, manners and God’s love in action. At Granny’s House they believe there is a “window of opportunity” now to make a permanent and very real change in children’s lives. They try to provide the things a grandmother might provide: nourishing food, a listening ear, guidance when needed, prayer, time to read a book together or to watch someone do a cartwheel. It’s a comforting place where there is always someone “home”. For more information, to volunteer or to donate to Granny’s House, visit their website: