Three Vehicle Pile -up Occurs on Interstate 70

102711 threevehiclecrash.jpg

In St. Louis County, a three vehicle crash occurs as one driver lost control of her vehicle. Three were moderately injured as one didn’t seek medical treatment.

On October 26, 2011 at approximately 7:44 p.m., Britny Boyd, age 24, and a resident of St. Louis was operating a 1991 Ford LX traveling in the eastbound direction on Interstate 70 at Lucas and Hunt. In the second vehicle, driver Gerardo Ortega, age 16, and occupant Tawnee Hopen, age 17, both from Warrenton, Missouri were operating a 2007 Cadillac Escalade traveling in the eastbound direction on Interstate 70. The third vehicle in this crash is Timothy Baker, age 22, and a resident of St. Charles, Missouri was operating a 2008 BMW traveling as well in the eastbound direction on Interstate 70.

At that said time and place, Britny was traveling eastbound on the entrance ramp from Lucas and Hunt as Gerardo and Timothy were traveling eastbound in the far left lane. Suddenly, Britny lost control of her vehicle which then caused it to spin counterclockwise twice into the left lane. The front of Gerardo’s vehicle struck the front of Britny’s Ford LX. Timothy attempted to avoid a collision with both vehicles by veering to the left of the roadway. The right side of Timothy’s car struck the rear of Britny’s vehicle causing him to be a part of the three-vehicle crash.

All participants of this crash except Gerardo received moderate injuries. Gerardo did not seek any medical treatment, but his occupant in the car with him, Tawnee was taken to DePaul Hospital by a private conveyance. Britny and Timothy were both taken to Barnes Hospital by the Northeast Ambulance District.

Britny was the only one who did not wear a safety device during the crash. The other three were reported to be wearing theirs.

Also, all the participants’ vehicles sustained total damages and were towed by Hood’s Towing.

This auto-crash was investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol along with the assistance of trooper Z. Kral of Troop C.


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