Tips for if your Dog Bites Someone


Confine your dog immediately and check on the victim’s condition. If necessary, seek medical help.

Provide the victim with important information, such as the date of your dog’s last rabies vaccination.

Cooperate with the animal control official responsible for acquiring information about your dog. If your dog must be quarantined for any length of time, ask whether your dog may be confined within your home or at your veterinarian’s hospital. Strictly follow quarantine requirements for your dog.

Seek professional help to prevent your dog from biting again. Consult with your veterinarian, who may refer you to an animal behaviorist or a professional dog trainer. Your community animal care and control agency or humane society may also offer helpful services.

• If your dog’s dangerous behavior cannot be controlled, do not give your dog to someone else without carefully evaluating that person’s ability to protect your dog and prevent your dog from biting. Your dog is liable for any damage that it has done.

• Don’t give your dog to someone who wants a dangerous dog. Mean dogs are often forced to live miserable, isolated lives, and become even more likely to attack someone in the future. If you must give up your dog due to dangerous behavior, consult with your veterinarian and with your local animal control and control agency or humane society about your options.

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