Tips to Improve Dog Ownership

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Dog ownership is a serious commitment that consists of vital duties. Before you decide to get a dog, you must pledge to be responsible. In addition to meeting your dog’s basic needs, here are some of the most important rules of conscientious dog ownership.

1) Commit for the Long Haul:
When you get a dog, it is not like getting a loan. When your dog misbehaves, you can’t just trade the dog in. If your dog gets sick, it is your job to get help and get treatment. If circumstanced in your home environment change, you must consider the toll it will take on your dog and make every effort to help your dog along the way.

2) Make Time For Your Dog:
Bonding is not something you can do once and assume it’s finished. The bond with your dog is built during the first few weeks to months of ownership, but maintaining the bond is a lifelong process. Remember that while you are at work, out with friends, or running errands, your dog is usually just waiting for you to come home.

3) Provide Proper Identification:
Your dog should wear a collar at all times with current identification. Consider microchipping your dog for an added layer of protection. Proper identification can help you become reunited with your dog if lost rather than letting your dog become one more homeless pet in an overcrowded shelter.

4) Spay or Neuter:
Millions of pets are euthanized each year because of pet overpopulation. If you do not have your pet dog spayed or neutered you may be contributing to this problem. If your dog is suitable for breeding, be a responsible breeder. Mixed-breed dogs, “purebred” dogs with unknown genetic histories, and dogs with health problems should not be allowed to breed. You can help save lives. Do not be a backyard breeder!

5) Keep Your Dog Healthy:
Always provide plenty of fresh water and an appropriate amount of quality food for your dog. A place of shelter and comfort is also important for your dog’s physical and mental wellness, and exercise is a must. Because of their survival instincts, dogs are not as likely to show pain or illness as humans. Regular visits to your veterinarian are essential, as they can help you prevent serious health problems and detect minor issues before they become severe.

6) Train Your Dog:
Canine etiquette not only benefits you and your dog; it also benefits others. A well-behaved and properly socialized dog is less likely to upset people and pets in public places and will be more welcome to gatherings. If your dog’s misbehavior results in any sort of accident, injury or similar incident, you must take full responsibility for your behavior.

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