Arkansas Tractor Trailer Crossover Crash leads to Personal Injury Settlement

The A.W. Smith Law Firm helped a victim receive an $800,000 settlement, only one month before going to trial, in his personal injury suit.

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Michael Smith received the settlement from the owner of a tractor trailer who crossed over the median and side-swiped Smith, nearly resulting in the loss of his arm.

Smith was traveling on Highway 43 in Benton County, Arkansas (Ar.) when his Ford Escort was side-swiped by a Mack tractor-trailer driven by Clifford Dozier for Simmons Flood. The Escort was struck by the dual wheels of the tractor trailer as the two cars rounded a corner at the same time. Part of the trailer then crashed through the car, entering the driver’s compartment, and slicing through Smith’s shoulder. Smith, who required extensive surgery and rehabilitation, eventually returned to work, but not without permanent limited range of motion.

The $800,000 settlement was reached only one month before the case went to trial.

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