Two Drivers Dead and Five More Seriously Injured on Interstate 70 in Missouri.


Callaway County, Missouri-

A multi-vehicle accident on I-70 Tuesday morning, has left two drivers dead and 5 more with serious injuries.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol report states the accident involved three tractor trailers, three pick up trucks and an SUV. It occured around 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday October 27th, on Interstate 70 at Kingdom City.

The crash resulted in two fatalities, Charles S. Moore, 46, of Nicholasville, Kentucky, and Robert S. Brainerd, 46, of St. Louis. Both were pronounced dead at the scene at approximately 11 a.m. by Medical Examiner, Dori Burke. Listed in serious condition was Mark Goddard, 54, of Osawatomie, Kansas, Clara Conn, 71, and Sonny Conn, also 71, both of Moorehead, Kentucky. Also injured, were Brandi Clements, 42, of Williamsburg, Missouri, and Aaron Shipps, 23, of Osawatomie, Kansas.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol report, Charles Moore and Robert Brainerd, were both identified as drivers of tractor trailers, that collided head on. The five people with injuries were transported to University Hospital in Columbia. Two others involved with the accident refused treatment at the scene.

Callaway County EMS responded by activating it’s Mass Casualty Incident Response Plan. This rapid response plan sends four Callaway County Ambulances, two Callaway County EMS supervisors, the Callaway County EMS director, one Audrain County Ambulance and two Montgomery County Ambulances to the scene. Callaway County Fire Departments also responded to the major crash scene, as did numerous Troopers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Missouri State Highway Patrol Major Crash Team and the Callaway County Sheriff’s office.

The crash had much of the media initially confused on what occurred. Four of the seven vehicles were eastbound and the other three were westbound. The westbound vehicles appeared to have started the accident and by the time it was over, all seven vehicles were in various remains and left to rest in the eastbound lanes of I-70. Charles Moore was driving one of the tractor trailers westbound, when he swerved to avoid Brandi R. Clements, 42, who was hydroplaning in a 2004 Dodge Ram. Clements’ Dodge Ram became stuck the trailer and caused Moore to strike a 2000 Ford 250 truck, driven by Mark D. Goddard and accompanied by passenger Aaron M. Shipps. Goddard and Shipps suffered serious and moderate injuries, respectively. The westbound vehicles crossed the median and Moore then collided head on with Brainerd, who was driving the other tractor trailer. The Missouri State Highway Patrol could not determine if Brainerd was wearing his seat belt. All other victims involved, were wearing their seat belts.

Following the head-on collision of the two tractor trailers, three other vehicles crashed into the back of Brainerd’s trailer. The driver and passenger of one of the vehicles that hit Brainerd, Clara Conn and Sonny Conn, were in a 2014 Jeep and both suffered serious injuries. The drivers of the two other vehicles were Christopher W. McDonald, 37, from Montgomery City, in a 2006 Dodge Dakota and Scott A. Swank, 30, from Tonganoxie, Kansas, driving a 2013 Volvo tractor trailer, and both, somehow escaped with no injuries.

All of the injured people were taken to the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia for treatment. All seven vehicles, including all three tractor trailers, had to be towed from the scene. Russ Automotive towed all of the vehicles except the 2006 Dodge Dakota, which was towed by Van’s Towing.

The major crash was investigated by TPR C.C. Frame (1329), and was assisted by SGT. P.J. Kempke (982) and TPR A.M. Coval (175), all with the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Major Crash Investigative Unit. These are Troop F’s 8th and 9th fatalities for the month of October and the 56th and 57th fatalities for 2015. Also assisting were TPR. S.A. Brazas (315), SGT J.L. Arnold (351), SGT A.J. Mattox (761), SGT S.D. Rudloff (1225), CPL R.S. Miller (1124), AND TPR A.A. Armstrong (172).

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