Woman Killed While Helping Crash Victim


In St. Louis County, a woman stopped to help a motorist involved in an earlier crash and was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle.

On November 8, 2012 at 5:30 a.m., Shirley Johnson, age 60 from St. Louis, was traveling on Highway 367 when she had pulled over to help a minor collision in the southbound lanes at Parket Road and Redman Avenue.

Brittany Anderson, age 24 from St. Louis, was stopped in the highway after colliding with Damion Alexander, age 23 from St. Louis, which caused his car to crash into the inside shoulder.

Shirley Johnson stopped to help Brittany and was standing outside Brittany’s Toyota Camry when Tessie McNair, age 16 from St. Louis County, collided with Brittany’s vehicle and Shirley Johnson.

Shirley Johnson died Thursday morning at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MIssouri.

Tessie McNair is not being charged for the death of Shirley Johnson as officers believe that the initial car crash damaged Brittany Anderson’s tail-lights, which is why Tessie did not see Shirley in time to stop.

Shirley Johnson was an evangelist at her church and served food at St. Mary’s Hospital. Cory Carlisle, son of Shirley, said that his mother was taking theology and social work classes at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park and was planning to start a nonprofit organization to help ex-convicts transition to life outside prison.


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